Check out our selection of handmade wrist malas that are made from semi precious gemstones, crystals or wooden beads. Our wrist mala is perfect for everyday wear.

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  • Sale! amazonite-beaded-bracelet.3
  • Sale! Natural-Healing-Raw-Amethyst-Everyday-Bracelet
  • Sale! White Bodhi Root Beads_1
  • Sale! Tibet-Sheep-Horn-Beads-Bracelet-5jpg
  • Sale! Volcanic Rudraksha Seeds Bracelet
  • Sale! White Bodhi Root 108 Beads Mala Necklace / Bracelet
  • Sale! Volcanic Lava Stone Bracelet Black
  • Sale! Pixiu-Brave-Troops-Handcrafted-Rosewood-Bracelet-(2)
  • Sale! Rosewood Aquamarine Yellow Jade Bamboo Bracelet (6)
  • Sale! Red Garnet Strawberry Rose Quartz Bracelet
  • Sale! 108 Multi Coloured Glaze Necklace / Bracelet
  • Sale! Green Aventurine Rosewood Bracelet
  • Sale! Red Cinnabar 108 Beads Mala Necklace Bracelet
  • Sale! natural-multicolor-tourmaline-bracelets
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  • Sale! 108 Beads White Bodhi Seeds Necklace Bracelets
  • Sale! Red Sandalwood Alloy Bracelet (3)
  • Sale! Tibetan-Yak-Bone-Bracelet-(3)

    Tibetan Yak Bone Bracelet

  • Sale! Handmade Lucky Rope Bracelet

    Handmade Lucky Rope Bracelet

  • Sale! Golden Sandalwood Bracelet (1)