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Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

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Our hand-made wellness bracelets have big energy!  It can make great gifts for special days of your loved one or for yourself.  This one is a beautiful Bracelet for women.

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  • Amazonite Beaded Bracelet
  • Gemstone: Amazonite
  • Size: 2.5 x2.5 mm
  • Length: 15 cm + 5 cm, adjustable
  • Material: 14K Gold
  • Amazonite is said to help balance emotions, calm the mind, and reduce stress and anxiety. It is believed to soothe emotional trauma and promote a sense of inner peace.
  • It brings emotional balance, mental clarity and physical health benefits while encouraging spiritual growth & energy work.
  • This stone will encourage you to be bold and brave, to make your dreams come true, and to keep trying until they do!
  • Please note that it is natural amazonite stone so its color & size may vary slightly from piece to piece, making your bracelet one-of-a-kind & unique
  • Amazonite is associated with the throat chakra and is believed to help align and balance this energy center, promoting clear communication and self-expression.


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